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Industries We Service

Prosys Services works for a wide range of industries both in the private and public sector. Here is an overview of the main industries for which we regularly provide security services.



With the industry-leading services we provide to the construction industry, Prosys Services accommodates the growing needs of the security requirements of the end user, satisfying the safety requirements for works on site during construction and through the lifecycle of the building and client.



Tertiary Education

Prosys Services proudly provides security services to the majority of universities. We focus on maintaining the systems for a successful deployment from the day it was installed to all future requirements, providing custom developments as demands grow.


We have been servicing the tertiary markets for more than 25 years. We lead the way security is designed and provide support for smooth and seamless migration paths to ensure the campus, its students and staff are safe and secure.



Our industry-leading security services to the commercial industry ranges from tenant fit-outs at a greenfield construction site to the migration from an existing unparalleled security system. We provide solutions to service the needs of today and the growing demands on business needs.



Prosys Services creates custom developments and leading security installations, providing financial institutes the confidence that their premises are secure.


To protect the end user’s investment and ensure security to the highest of standards, we design and provide custom developments in conjunction with our best-of-breed technology partners.



Data Centres

Prosys Services provide state-of-the-art technology securing the world’s data from within Australia. Biometrics and analytics are some of the security technologies we design and implement into data centres, providing secure and safe facilities.



We have been providing services to the health industry for many years, securing facilities and providing maintenance to ensure lifetime operation of the security systems.


Prosys Services provides best-of-breed products and intelligent design to accommodate all budgets and requirements in the health sector.


Critical Infrastructure

Prosys Services provides security to Australia’s critical infrastructure properties with EACS, CCTV and intelligent fence designs. This ensures the critical locations are safe and secure with all events being monitored, detected and recorded.



Government & Defence

Prosys Services provides Type 1 Alarm monitoring systems and back to control room monitoring of classified areas.


Our proven track record of providing Type 1 monitoring and access control using world-class technology and installations means we bring a fresh installation and service methodology to your systems compared to the typical Type 1 vendors.


Entertainment Venues

Prosys Services provides event and entertainment venues with input for the design of their security system, as well as camera and access control installations, all to a world-class standard.


Our professional services ensure the venues can operate under all event types, providing clarity and a sense of security to venue goers and venue operators.



Aged Care

Prosys Services has groups of technicians that are specialised in securing aged care facilities. They provide services with the upmost respect and quality of service to secure all types of buildings, from general admission to geriatrics and dementia wards.


Shopping Centres

Prosys Services provides CCTV and access control to a variety of shopping centres throughout Australia, ensuring back-of-house, patron and property security is maintained.


CCTV protects the building owners and operators from fraudulent claims and assists shoppers from acts of theft and vandalism, among other things.