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Security Management Systems


Prosys Services has the expertise and experience to provide your organisation or facility with reliable security management systems. We can integrate different elements and layers of your security system into the management system.


The best-of-breed, fit-for-purpose Security Management Systems provided by Prosys Services can be integrated with third-party software and hardware systems, including HR databases, Active Directory, CCTV systems, lift systems, lighting, HVAC, fire and BMS systems.




Intrusion detection integration

Intrusion detection, a key component of our integrated security solutions, detects and provides real-time actionable alerts of intrusions anytime and anywhere they occur, allowing immediate action to be taken in response and enabling real-time reporting.


Prosys Services can provide standalone intrusion detection systems or a complete turnkey solution integrated into one of our integrated security installations.


Additional security solutions

Prosys Services provides a range of additional security solutions that allow you to improve your organisation’s financial performance and enhance occupant satisfaction. These additional services include:

  • Biometric identification
  • Key management solutions


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