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Prosys Leadership Team


Paul Mills

National General Manager

Paul Mills is the National General Manager of Prosys Services, having previously been a valuable stakeholder and avid learner within numerous other local and international businesses. Paul has organically progressed into various leadership roles within many multi-national organisations. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance to Prosys Services on all aspects of service delivery beginning with the bid cycle through the entire Sales process into design and implementation and finally the successful deployment of our systems and services. His leadership and foresight during his tenure with Prosys Services will be notably focused on departmental unity and technological innovation, this focus has consolidated our steep growth trajectory and positioned Prosys Services for an exciting future.

David Bale

National Project Director

Dave Bale is the Data Centre and Health Services Project Director for New South Wales and Queensland at Prosys Services. David has the distinction of being the longest serving Employee at Prosys Services with a 24-year tenure. David has been with the company through all aspects of the companies’ growth and life cycle to date. He has been an intricate part of the development and delivery of large infrastructure projects, national product rollouts as well as, providing an unwavering commitment to the training and growth of all Prosys Services Personnel.

Greg Lawrence

National Project Director

Greg Lawrence is the Financial Sector and Engineering Project Director for New South Wales and Victoria at Prosys Services. Greg’s career began in New Zealand as an electrician and in turn as a security installation & service technician, predominantly servicing clients within the tertiary and financial realm. Greg subsequently moved to Australia to take up a position at Prosys Services in 2000, as a site manager stationed at one of the largest tertiary campuses in Australia. Committed to the supply of excellence in delivery, he progressed through the ranks into a crucial management role with his 20 – year tenure. Greg has a bespoke attitude for security concepts and designs, applying all this knowledge to the best interest of the clients and projects with which he deals.

Bob Stewart

National Project Director

Bob Stewart is the Tertiary and Special Services Project Director Nationally at Prosys Services. Bob brings a wealth of unparalleled experience within the security industry having managed major installation projects in Mining, Education , Gaming , Health, Roads and Infrastructure. In his 13-year tenure at Prosys Services, Bob has brought new procedures and technical efficiencies to all aspects of the Sales and Project Management life cycle. An ingrained professional within the security sector, Bob is well respected by his peers within allied services, for the expertise and knowledge gained from his experiences with varied clientele.

Richard Bustria

National Project Director

Richard Bustria is the Commercial and Western Australia Project Director at Prosys Services. Richard covers more than two decades of experience within the industry, Richard has an in-depth knowledge for bridging technological and innovative gaps within bespoke designs, cohesively aligning client needs and requests with available products and services. His thoughtful leadership & mentoring style, has enabled him to become a great asset to Prosys Services helping pave the way to successful project outcomes.

Jack Perram

National Enterprise Solutions Manager

Jack Perram is the National Enterprise Solutions manager at Prosys Services. Starting in 2010, Jack has grown to be a valuable and dedicated asset within the Prosys Leadership team. Having served a notable tenure with a large global corporate, Jack challenged himself at Prosys Services to create new processes and to champion new technological pathways, in so doing creating new opportunities that can only be attributed to his dedication and knowledge. Having pioneered some of the largest Enterprise security deployments in Australia, Jack is focused on building and passing on knowledge to his peers and coworkers within the company.

Matthew Magi

Executive Director

Matthew Magi is the Finance Director at Prosys Services. Beginning his 8 year tenure with Prosys as an apprentice electrician, fire and security technician, he has dedicated his knowledge and growth to all aspects of the company, these include; project management, sales management, account management, finance management as well as national strategic business development. Echoing the views of his executive peers, Matthew is committed to bring a new wealth of development within the business to further advise and add value to the existing successful operations.

Jörg Broesen

National Relationship & Compliance Manager

Jörg Broesen is the National Relationship & Compliance Manager at Prosys Services. Jorg has over 22 years’ experience within the security industry fulfilling a variety of roles; including advisory, client relations and leadership positions. Having achieved years of experience in developing strategic partnerships, he is positively active in creating and enhancing Prosys Services national business from a procedural and operational development aspect.

He is available on 0434 638 635 for any further queries

Cyril Gabriel

Chief Financial Officer

Cyril Gabriel is the Chief Financial Officer at Prosys Services. With over 15 years’ experience in financial management and program leadership, he brings a wealth of knowledge across diverse areas, including stakeholder engagement, risk and compliance, audit and partnership-building, human resources, and legal. Cyril is committed to delivering exceptional financial leadership and associated outcomes across Prosys’ endeavours, and will focus on the financial performance and reporting against the company’s corporate strategy.