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CCTV Video Security Systems


Prosys Services provides best-of-breed and fit-for-purpose CCTV video security solutions that enable organisations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimise processes, provide business continuity and reduce costs.


Prosys Services provides professional video surveillance solutions for any type of organisation or environment, including healthcare, financial,educational facilities, retail, commercial, critical infrastructure, industrial applications and other environments.


From entry-level to enterprise, we can provide a complete turnkey solution to suit your requirements.



Modular, upgradable, future-proof CCTV security systems

Prosys Services provides open-standard, network-based VMS solutions featuring the most user-friendly operation and reliability available today.


We aim to minimise the physical and financial impact of the initial installations, allowing the foundation for a gradual and planned upgrade that best suits your organisation’s requirements.


Prosys Services provides powerful open platform IP VMS designed for large-scale, multi-site, high-risk installations and supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites.


Our CCTV solutions are based on true open platforms. This provides you the ability to integrate with today’s best analytics and business solutions, providing a platform to expand with possible future innovations including video analytics and IP cameras.


All this technology and dedication gives customers of Prosys Service a powerful, future-proof framework for implementing and managing different third-party applications including access control, POS and analytics.