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Video Analytics can help us through the pandemic

Posted By Prosys Services  
08:00 AM

Video analytics are an ideal solution that can often meet the needs of surveillance system operators, security officers and corporate managers. Video analytics enhance CCTV surveillance systems by performing the tasks of real-time event detection, post-event analysis and extraction of statistical data, while saving manpower costs and increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system operation.


 So, what does this all have to do with Covid-19?


Since Covid-19, Australia has experienced one lock down nationwide and there is now another lock down taking place in Victoria due to a rise in new cases. There is proving to be some difficulty in managing compliance around a second lock down with reports of large gatherings taking place regardless of government guidelines. On top of that, in states where we are no longer in a stage 3 or 4 lock down, there are still social-distancing rules being enforced including limited occupancy in certain areas and establishments such as workplaces, restaurants and retail stores.


One of the best ways to monitor whether these rules and guidelines are being properly adhered to is video surveillance supported with video analytics. This combination of security measures can truly prove to make a difference when it comes to disease control and prevention. But how so?


The following video analytics capabilities are extremely valuable during this time where a pandemic such as Covid-19 is proving nearly impossible to control.

People counting & occupancy estimation for monitoring people allowed in one area and social distancing rules


These standout tools are especially valuable to government organisations or businesses that want to ensure they are sticking to the guidelines and rules set out for them. If you are a business owner for example and you have set rules for your store to only allow 6 people in at one time, yet your staff are not monitoring this, you will have video surveillance available to easily monitor occupancy levels. You will be able to control defiance to your rules quickly and efficiently. The same applies to monitor social distancing. This can be especially helpful for restaurants that are not sure what their occupancy levels should be in their unique space.

Motion detection for detecting people where they shouldn�t be


If you are a business that has closed down temporarily, or have closed off certain areas of your business to mitigate health risks, motion detection is helpful in identifying movement in those areas which can prompt you to respond rapidly to help prevent theft and health threats.


Facial recognition and tracking for contract tracing

Facial recognition and tracking can help everyone. Many communities only chance to get the virus under control is to determine where and who exactly it has come from. All those who have been tracked or recognised to be in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus can be contacted so they can quarantine (and get tested) to prevent further spread.

A typical process could look like this:

  1. A medical test confirms that an individual has contracted the virus.
  2. Add that individual to the video analytics platform for swift video filtering to recognise their face.
  3. Identify appearances of the person across cameras in different surroundings.
  4. Locate the people with whom the infected individual came into contact with over the course of the video duration.
  5. Let at-risk individuals know they made contact with the infected individual and direct them to self-quarantine.


If you are a business that requires or wants to take care of the health and safety of your workers, customers and community, you can get in contact with us to identify your best video analytics options.