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5 major benefits of access control in your business

Posted By Prosys  
15:00 PM

Electronic access control comes in several forms, the most popular being the use of key cards to enter a location instead of the traditional key. Access control can be integrated with many other security solutions including CCTV, biometrics, intercoms and lifts.  Access control technology has been embraced by businesses including, major shopping centers, hospitals, offices, banks, schools, universities, government buildings and apartments, just to name a few.


These organisations understand the importance of reducing security risks in their facilities. An access control system's main purpose will help regulate who has permission to go where within an organisation in a systematised manner, contrasting the use of traditional keys and locks.


So, what are the major benefits of implementing access control?


Restrict certain areas

First and foremost, access control allows you to restrict certain areas for employees. This has some sub-benefits that are too priceless not to mention.

  • You can reduce safety incidents by restricting access to areas that are unsafe for unqualified employees.
  • You can protect data or physical product from being accessed by new employees or disgruntled employees.
  • You can instantly remove access privileges from staff who have left the business.
  • You can maintain a sense of privacy around sensitive information where only chosen employees have access.
  • Most of all, you retain control over the access rights of employees to ensure all the above are not security risks.

Deter criminals

Many criminals who are a legitimate danger to your business will likely be calculated in determining the risk factor of them being caught. Access control is a strong deterrent for criminals as it removes the possibility of simple or easy entry. You can secure any access point you want to, including elevators, building perimeters, main entry and exit points, parking areas, certain office departments and more!


Tough to duplicate

A traditional key can easily be copied and if done so can cause major difficulties and costs including the need to replace all the locks in your business. An access card can only be duplicated by your security provider and you will be able to remove access or alter codes in case a keycard is lost or an employee leaves.


Easy to implement and monitor

Access control is commonly set up to have ease of access and control for the primary user. It can be integrated with all sorts of other security measures including CCTV. You can easily upload your employee data (or do it manually) to give them the required access. You'll be able to monitor employee's arrival and departure times as well as if there is any unusual behavior (like people trying to access places they aren't supposed to be).


Protects products and secures data

As mentioned earlier, you can protect secure data (server or data rooms for example) to prevent a data breach.

To learn more about access control and how we could help you secure your business, reach out to us via our contact page and we will be in touch!