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Access Control Systems


Prosys Services has a proven track record of providing secure electronic access control systems for a wide variety of clients throughout Australia.


An integrated access control solution allows you to:

  • Get full control over the on-site movements of your staff, visitors and vehicles.
  • Manage business risk through policy enforcement.
  • Ensure the security of your physical and intellectual assets.


Site Security Questions:

  • Can the site be efficiently evacuated or secured in case of an emergency?
  • How can mustering be administered for effective evacuation situational awareness?
  • How is security managed after normal business hours?
  • How do you securely control personnel access to restricted areas?
  • Would you like to be notified immediately of any inactive networked security devices?
  • Is the perimeter of the site securely protected?



Operations management questions:


  • How do you reduce the risk of safety litigations?
  • Is it important to send system and network alerts to relevant personnel via electronic media?





Prosys Services Access Control Solutions

Prosys Services and best-of-breed security solutions cater for all levels of security, from fully monitored access control for a critical infrastructure site to cost-effective wireless and data-on-card options for securing dormitories and lockers. 


The access control solutions we provide facilitate a number of key security and business functions, including:

  • Powerful access integrated visitor management.
  • Staff access including integration with existing HR systems and after-hours management.
  • Monitoring and tracking.
  • Intruder alarm detection and notification.
  • Emergency management, lockdown, mustering and alerts.
  • Automatic enforcement of business OH&S policies and compliance with government regulations.
  • Biometric integration.
  • CCTV integration.
  • Intercom integration.
  • Lift integration.


Prosys Services goes beyond traditional access control by enforcing business policy, allowing you to manage multiple clearances, licenses and competencies for cardholders and ensuring your business’s duty of care and health & safety obligations are met.

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