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Leaders in Security Management

Prosys Services are Australian experts in security management. Our company has been providing state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade security management systems to commercial and industrial clients, tertiary institutions, critical infrastructure and health departments, also serving the construction industry and other large corporations since 1988.


A poor security system can be a major liability for your organisation, particularly in today’s competitive and increasingly electronic business climate. Having a well-designed and maintained security system provides the basis for a secure and operational facility.


In recent years, security management products have greatly improved their cost effectiveness, giving you a prime opportunity to meet your increasingly sophisticated business needs.

Why choose us

We understand it may be difficult in today’s market to find competent, reliable integrators who can meet your professional security needs.


At Prosys Services, we are known for providing outstanding support services to our client network. Due to the high level of support, reliability and effectiveness of our products and services, we successfully continue to deliver and exceed customers’ requirements and continue to expand our client network.


Prosys Services offers a full line of security products, from single door access control systems to complete integrated security management systems.


However, we go beyond simply delivering a product – we provide a unique customer experience and exceed our customers’ expectations at every stage of the delivery.


By keeping abreast of changes, trends and new technologies, we ensure we apply the latest advancements to product/system enhancements and developments.


Prosys Services’ philosophy is to maintain leadership in reliability and technological development within the Australian security industry.



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